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St. Dominic's Primary School Camberwell East

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our St. Dominic’s Primary School website. It is an honour and my privilege to lead this wonderful community and work alongside our staff and families to educate the children of St. Dom’s. 


In the tradition of our Dominican Charism and in the context of our ever changing world, we work together to empower our students in Faith & Prayer, in their Learning, as active citizens in the Community, and as people of Service to others, making a difference in the world. Our motto, ‘Veritas’, connects us to the 800 year Dominican tradition and to Dominican communities across Australia and the world. ‘Truth’ is grounded in prayer and contemplation, commitment to study, relationships, community, and justice, inspired by Gospel values.


Our parents are the primary educators of their children and at St. Dominic’s, we acknowledge and truly value the partnership between school and home.  As significant adults in their lives, it is our shared responsibility to support and nurture our children to know that they are guided and supported in their learning, wellbeing and faith.  It is the responsibility of parents and staff to prioritise our children, enable them to thrive and teach them to be well-informed, lifelong learners and active and compassionate citizens now and in the future.  


Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at St. Dominic’s.  Our staff believe in the safety and wellbeing of all students, as well as the potential and full flourishing of each learner, and our children are at the centre of our work and at the heart of all that we do. St. Dominic’s is a place where the students in our care are known & valued and both their efforts and achievements are acknowledged & celebrated. We value the unique qualities of each and every child, knowing that we are all created in God’s image and have immeasurable worth and sacred dignity. Our holistic approach to promoting wellbeing gives our students the opportunity to develop resilience, confidence, compassion and respect for all.  


If you are a first time visitor to our website, we warmly welcome you. Our school website has been recently designed and relaunched, and specifically customised to capture who we are and to give you a sense of our community. 


We invite you to contact us should you like to find out more about our community and enrolments and to ‘Discover the St. Dominic’s Difference’ for you and your family.


Natalie Kenny


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Latest News

Latest News

Our School Vision

Veritas means “truth”. 

The life-long pursuit of truth should be the goal of every Dominican



St Dominic’s: where all are valued; a leading place of faith and learning, empowering our community to be active citizens to positively impact our world.

School Vision

Our Mission

In Education and Faith

  • The school will be an inclusive learning community that reflects Dominican charism, through a search for knowledge (truth) and a connectedness to faith.


In Learning and Teaching

  • The school will inspire and empower all learners to grow by engaging them in purposeful learning.

  • Through our learning and teaching, we will foster creativity, collaboration and innovation.


In Student Wellbeing

  • The school will enable students to develop positive relationships with self and others to ensure a strong sense of wellbeing


In Leadership and Management

  • The school will be strategic in its implementation of innovative learning and teaching.


In School Community

  • The school will be active and vibrant in working to serve others.

  • Thank you to the staff, parents and students who assisted us in articulating this vision for the future of the students who are at the heart of all that we do here at St Dominic’s.

Our Mission

St Dominic’s School Norms

  1. I am truthful

  2. I am respectful and friendly

  3. I am a cooperative and positive learner

  4. I learn and play safely

  5. I care for property and the environment

School Norms

School Tours

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Discover the St. Dominic's Difference


School Tours

Contact Us

Contact Us
St Dominic's White Logo.png

St. Dominic's Primary School

Address: 145 Highfield Road, Camberwell East 3124

Phone: 03 9836 8300

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm


Principal: Natalie Kenny



St Dominic's Parish

Address: 816 Riverdale Road, Camberwell East 3124

Phone: 03 9912 6870 ext 310

Parish Priest: Fr Paul Rowse


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